The "Hochschule Rhein-Waal" is a university of applied sciences with two facilities located in Kamp-Lintfort and Klewe, Germany respectively. 
Founded in 2009, the two facilities were still developing their infrastructure, and therefore lacked a proper signage system that was informative and helpful. This posed a problem for all students, but the international students studying solely English spoken majors were especially affected.​​​​​​​
To solve this dilemma, I developed a signage system using pictograms to help students easily orientate themselves on campus.​​​​​​​
Next I determined the visual direction of the signage system. It should encompass the overall design and composition of the HSRW logo, by incorporating four characteristics that I was able to identify within the logo, as well as using the universities' natively used font (DIN 1451).
Using the above established parameters, I created various pictograms to help the students on campus be able to quickly navigate the different types of rooms they would be encountering. Each received a specific visual and psychological cue, to let students quickly associate differing rooms with a respective symbol. 
The pictograms were then overlaid on a base to be fitted to the nameplates of the different study rooms.
For reference, some of the categories implement mock-ups and a "before and after" style presentation, to show the impact this signage solution has on the real world. This portfolio also offers some glimpses into a broader vision of how the outside area of the university can be aesthetically augmented, while continuing to focus on the goal of improving the navigability of its grounds.

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